Net-A-Porter launches a platform for sustainable labels

Image via Net-A-Porter
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Taking the guesswork out of sustainable shopping.

While we know that a growing number of brands are becoming more sustainable, it doesn’t always feel like it.

In an attempt to cut out some of the tedious, often discouraging research that is involved in trying to track down sustainable labels, Net-A-Porter is launching its NET Sustain edit

NET Sustain uses a series of ‘key attributes’, based on eco-friendly and ethical values, to gather what is so far a list of 26 of its greenest brands. These attributes include ‘considered materials’, ‘considered processes’, ‘locally made’, ‘craft and community’ and ‘reducing waste’. Each is backed up by relevant industry certifications and strict criteria.

Both ‘considered materials’ and ‘considered processes’ are about being thoughtful in the way you source and process raw materials. To fall into these categories, a brand has to be actively minimising its impact on the environment, people and animals.

‘Reducing waste’ identifies companies with zero-waste, upcycling and regenerative production policies, with consideration given to any packaging used.

The ‘locally made’ category highlights brands who manufacture within their home countries, while ‘craft and community’ requires investment back into local communities.

To qualify for the edit, a label has to meet at least one of these attributes.

Of course, local platform The Iconic has been running a similar edit for a while now, but we’re thrilled to see the idea stretching into the luxury sphere.

NET Sustain is showcasing well-loved labels like Stella McCartney, Veja, Mara Hoffman and Mother of Pearl. There’s also an impressive selection of Aussie brands on offer, including Bassike, Nagnata and Peony.

For a convenient, stress-free sustainable shopping experience, head here.


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