Nike recreates two iconic shoes to celebrate 30 years of Air Max silhouettes

Words by Olivia Hart

Bringing them back to the future.

Nike is wasting no time in 2020 already dropping new colourways for the Air Max 270 and Air Force 1.

In an ode to 30 years of Air Max Silhouettes, the new styles will be Air Max 2090 and Air Max Verona. Both are recreations of classic shoes launched in the ’90s.

First in the drop is the Air Max 2090 which follows in the footsteps of the well-loved Air Max 90, that has reached icon status in the 30 years since its debut.

While it’s faithful to the design that made the Air Max 90 so great, the new shoe features a more modern approach with new colourways, a larger air unit and more distinct grooves for flexibility.

Next up is the Air Max Verona, inspired by Nike’s first women’s Air Max shoe: Air Verona released in ’92.

The upgraded style has added a lifted, exaggerated heel to increase comfort levels so you can run all day. 

While there’s no set release date or price for the Air Max 2090, the Air Max Verona’s will drop on February 15 for $170.


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