Opinion: We should all dress like the Kardashian sisters

Images via Calvin Klein
Words by Alyce Cowell

We could all learn a little something from fashion’s first family.

I know, controversial headline, but like Kim’s completely see-through pants at NYFW, I’ve got your attention.

Having recently fronted another Calvin Klein campaign and dropped a new season of KUWTK, naturally, it’s time to talk about them. Or more specifically, their klosets. I’m not even a little bit ashamed to admit I’m vibing their current looks, and I’m not just saying that because I’d like them to adopt me.

Like many (don’t lie) I’ve binged Keeping Up With The Kardashians for days on end, and critiqued every outfit on Instagram with the force of Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.

What I’ve come to realise is that there’s more to their personal style than bike shorts and really impractical, unnecessarily long nails. There are actually a few things we can learn from them when it comes to our own style.

Let me explain.

They dress for their bodies

Does Kim have a full-time tailor living in her room?

Sure, you might not share her love of skin-tight catsuits and crop tops that resemble sports bras, but you can’t deny the fit of every garment she wears. You just can’t. It’s like she is sewn into her outfit every morning – even the track pants. How???

They wear minimalist pieces that can be outfit repeated

In 2011BK (Before Kanye) Kim’s wardrobe was filled with fur-lined boots, hot pink bodycon skirts and babydoll dresses. Then Kanye breezed in and tore it to shreds, replacing everything with neutral-toned, stretchy, minimalist designer pieces. Not gonna lie, the man knew what he was doing.

Now, her look is simple, grown-up and muted, and there are no brash logos in sight. Not only does this look suit her, but it means she can wear things on repeat now too, like us normal people.

It’s not just Kim either; all the sisters are the same. Despite contrary belief, when you think about it, simplicity is usually key. Kourtney is known for her laidback style and is rarely seen on worst dressed lists, while I still can’t get out of my head the sleek green Calvin Klein number Kendall wore to the Met Gala in 2015.

They each have a very individual sense of style

Whether you’re on Team Kenny for her model-off-duty jeans and tanks or classic double denim looks (as seen in Calvin Klein’s recent campaign), or Team Khlo$ for her hoops that are so big they touch her knees, you have to admit each of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters is very secure in their personal style.

They know what they like and they stick to it. They don’t even copy each other – they just hurl insults like normal siblings.

They wear hoodies and track pants

We can all relate to Kylie, because she wears sweats.

Hers probably cost more than my car, and she wears them with designer boots and a face full of makeup. I wear mine to the shops to get a bag of Cheezels. But she still wears them, out of the house, and I think this is all something we can be inspired by.

They take a lot of fashion risks

Like all risks, some have paid off, others… not so much.

Remember when Kendall wore those silver glitter knee-length boots to her birthday? That paid off. Or when the whole family stripped down for the last Calvin Klein campaign, despite Kylie’s pregnancy rumours swirling? That paid off too.

What about when Kim wore the floral gown on the red carpet and everyone Photoshopped her into a grandma’s couch? …

They evolve over time

And by evolve, I mean completely overhaul their entire look, time and time again.

While Kourtney once counted cowboy hats as a major item in her wardrobe, she now defies her age in printed pants, cute twin sets and blazers worn as dresses. Khloe’s look used to consist mostly of tight dresses and open-toe pumps, but she’s since swapped them for bodysuits and jeans that fit her like a glove.

Just as they aren’t afraid of a new trend, they also aren’t afraid to try an entirely new look, even if it doesn’t work.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, I think this is something I think we should all keep in mind next time we’re going all Fashion Police on their ass.


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