Queensland-based label Oakie is making your wardrobe more sustainable

Words by Sophie Hodges

Never say no to a corduroy flare.

A sustainable garment starts with sustainable fibres.

Queensland-based label Oakie sources all its materials in the rawest form possible to guarantee the cleanest, most environmentally friendly finished product.

That means finding 100 per cent pure linen, cotton and hemp, and dyeing them with botanical ingredients like vegetables and flowers.

These fabrics – which have totally avoided contact with chemicals or toxins – are then cut and sewn by a small group of fairly-paid seamstresses in Bali.

The result is Oakie’s range of warm and earth-toned clothing for women, men and kids. Expect corduroy flares, shirred rompers and breezy linen dresses, many of which feature offbeat design details like puffed sleeves, subtle prints and thoughtfully selected buttons.


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