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Rise and Shine

Hi friends and welcome to our Christmas issue!

It really is a wonderful time of year. Summer is no longer a pipe dream, holidays are so close we can almost taste the Sunnyboys (vale) and whether by design or circumstance, we are surrounded by loved ones. As many of us flock back ‘home’ for the season, it’s interesting to think about how we define the concept.

So that’s our theme for this issue. Inside, we speak to four creative women about the people, places and spaces they call home (page 12). We dive into photographic project, Where Are You From?, exploring the experiences of Australians made to feel they don’t belong in their own country (page 14). We also speak with Kiwi pop darling, Benee, about her continuing love of her homeland, even with booming international success (page 24).

More than a time of homecoming, Christmas is a time of giving. As we’re increasingly aware of our environmental impact, we’re limiting our wish list this year with fewer, more thoughtful selections (page 20). We’re also playing our Christmas shopping safe, rounding up 12 gifts that are sure-fire crowd-pleasers (page 38).

There’s plenty more inside, so make like a kid at the pool on the first day of summer and dive in.

Until next time,
The FJ team xx

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