You can now rent entire capsule collections from Scanlan Theodore, Sir the Label and other Australian designers


Words by Gabrielle O’Hagan

A clever alternative to refresh your wardrobe.

For the first time ever, Australian fashion rental service Rntr. has launched entire capsule collections available for hire.

You can now rent a carefully curated collection of five statement pieces from a selection of Australian designers, including Camilla & Marc, Nique, Scanlan Theodore, Sir the Label, Aje and Assembly Label. The capsules stock sizes six to 14 in a range of casual, evening and workwear styles, and can be rented for up to 30 days for less than $500.

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This innovative idea from Rntr. is not only kinder to the environment, as it encourages us to purchase fewer items of clothing, but it can inject some new life into our outfits.

So if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe but aren’t keen on the clutter, time and expense that shopping for a new wardrobe would normally involve, then hiring one of Rntr.’s capsule collections could be the answer.

The process is simple: head to the Rntr. website, choose your favourite collection out of the 17 that are available, and select your dates. Once you receive your capsule, you can mix and match the pieces as you please. When your time is up, send the items back in Rntr.’s prepaid, reusable packaging. The best part? No laundry necessary.

Founded in 2020, Rntr. became the very first online rental service that allows people to hire directly from their favourite Australian designers and brands. Described as the ‘digital library’ of fashion, it reduces waste within an industry that already has a significant carbon footprint.

This was what inspired Shanya Suppasiritad, the founder and director of Rntr., to launch the short-term rental business. Shanya is committed to putting an end to fast fashion, and creating sustainable, ethical ways for people to update their wardrobes.

She realised the best way to minimise the fashion industry’s impact on our planet was to create a circular fashion model that would increase garments’ life cycles by reusing and recycling materials. For sustainable and affordable outfit choices from Australia’s leading designers, visit the Rntr. website to hire your next wardrobe capsule.

For information on Rentr.’s capsule collections, head here.

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