This season’s denim trends and how to wear them

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As told by the experts.

We know first-hand that shopping for denim can be a tricky task. With multiple styles, sizes, cuts and fabrications to navigate, it pays to know where to look and what to look for.

No one knows denim better than senior womenswear buyer for General Pants Co., Britt Gallagher. So of course, we decided to pick her brain.

On this season’s trends

The overarching trend this winter is vintage denim inspiration. The mom jean arrived last winter to huge success, so a lot of the new fits we’re seeing are an extension of this look. Some of these include the skinny-straight jean, which has a similar rise to the mom jean but with a slimmer leg (think ’90s Cindy Crawford). We’re also seeing really fun fits with kick flares, wide flares and a looser wide leg.

On what to buy

The majority of vintage-inspired pieces come in rigid denim. Rigid denim is 100 per cent cotton, woven into a tougher, heavier-weight fabric. This denim base has an open yarn which creates a stony character when the fabric is washed and worn, giving the jeans that hard-to-find vintage look. If you’re looking for a skinny jean with more stretch, keep an eye out for vintage-inspired washes and details. Key features are authentic indigo rinses and visible aged character, such as whiskering, stone washing, sandblasting and deconstruction

On what to pay

There are some great jeans around at quality price points. Dr Denim is one brand, for example, that has a huge mix of denim made from organic cottons. As an international brand it’s able to offer competitive prices due to the volume it sells. Some jeans have gone through a huge amount of work, with hand-detailing and many washes to achieve a look, and therefore prices can vary drastically. In saying that, jeans are one item that can be worn for years and years. My personal favourite justification is thinking of the ‘cost per wear’, which always ends up being very cheap.

On successful shopping

Try on a few fits and sizes in store if possible, as both can vary across brands. If you’re shopping for a rigid pair of jeans, or one with a high composition of cotton, remember the jeans will expand when you wear them. Consider buying a size smaller or a pair that’s a super snug fit to ensure they break in the way you want them to. If you find the denim needs a bit more stretch once you’re home, you can also wash and tug the damp denim in tight areas. Lunges and squats while you’re wearing the jeans can also do the trick.

On how to wear

The mom jean: For an easy daytime look, pair mom jeans in that perfect ’90s light blue wash with a tiny tee or bodysuit. Think off-duty Bella Hadid. The kick flare: For a more sophisticated outfit, you can’t go past the kick flare. With the cropped hem and ankle exposed, kick flares really show your footwear, whether a killer pair of heels or a trainer. The black skinny: A must-have for the denim wardrobe. Can be worn any day, in any way.

On wearing white

White jeans can really bring an outfit to life, especially on a dreary winter’s day. In saying that, be sure to check the weight of the denim – anything too light may end up being a little transparent. To be sure, check the inside tag. Generally denim with a larger composition of cotton will be a safer bet. My other personal rule would be to avoid the red wine

On the great wash debate

Generally your jeans shouldn’t be washed too often. Most are designed and pre-washed to achieve their look. Keep this in mind, as washing can alter the look of your jeans. An easy way to keep jeans clean and fresh between washes is to air them outside or hang in the bathroom before a shower, as the steam will freshen them up. When it does come time to wash, the best way is to turn jeans inside out and use cold water to prevent fade. We all want to help the environment, so avoid putting them in the dryer. Instead, hang on the line and air-dry, as this will help to protect the shape and wash of the jeans.

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This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 178. You can read it here.

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