Skechers’ ‘Uno’ collection features the latest in shoe technology


WORDS BY Hannah cole

“Understanding that looks aren’t everything, Skechers has incorporated exclusive shoe technologies.”

New shoes are my tonic – or my kryptonite, depending on how you look at it. I’ve always lusted and searched and saved for specific additions. Shoes, I believe, can fill the gaping hole in my heart and make dressing fun again. 

Speaking trivially, it is my shoe collection that has suffered the greatest loss since I switched to working from home. My loafers have barely seen the light of day in two years and my platform sandals are crinkled and scrunched, stuck in their fading dust bags. House slippers reign supreme. 

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In an effort to optimise every moment of the working day, I’ve tested the art of getting dressed (it works!), the Pomodoro technique (a lifesaver!) and binaural beats (the only way to get my head down). But recently I started to wonder if adding a shoe – a real shoe with support and a solid sole – could take my work day to the next level. 

Enter Skechers’ latest Uno collection. The latest range of the bestselling men’s and women’s style perfectly blends the need for a fashion-forward shoe with added benefits. 

No longer am I battling up the stairs in clunky heeled boots. Skechers’ newest Uno collection is the epitome of a multi-purpose shoe – a style that is as comfortable as a slipper but satisfies me when it comes to aesthetics and function.  

There’s an eye-catching ombre-effect women’s pair, aptly called Ombre Away. It’s a mesmerising vision that leads from a pink toe to purple and finishes with blue at the ankle.

Or if a hit of ’80s aerobics-style is more your thing, opt for the retro-influenced Mad AirAnd the collection wouldn’t be complete without the classic staples, the pairs that are there for every look or task, like the fresh white and mint colourway.

Understanding that looks aren’t everything, Skechers has incorporated exclusive shoe technologies. The brand’s Air-Cooled Memory Foam insoles offer sumptuous cushioning and exceptional support, while the Skech-Air cushioned midsole feels like walking on clouds.

Even if I am only averaging 100 steps a day – bedroom to bathroom to study, and round and round we go – I want every second to feel this good. Designed for fashion or athleisure wear, the Uno has become my shoe of choice.

Head here to discover the range or find your closest store here.

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