The Social Studio launches ‘Art Scarf’ collection with 10 Australian artists

Words by Ruby Staley

Including Ken Done, Romance Was Born x Kate Rohde, Beci Orpin, Stanislava Pinchuk and Atong Atem.

Melbourne’s not-for-profit fashion retailer, manufacturer, studio and fashion school, The Social Studio, has announced the release of an upcoming Art Scarf collection, alongside its massive annual fundraising gala.

All the festivities are to celebrate the enterprise’s commitment to offering community and creative outlets to Melbourne’s refugee youth communities for 10 years.

Which is something worth celebrating.

Art Scarf sees 10 emerging and established artists from all corners of the community, come together with The Social Studio for the release. Collaborators include Ken Done, Romance Was Born X Kate Rohde, Beci Orpin, Stanislava Pinchuk, Atong Atem, Gian Manik, Michael Mitsas, Nathalia Suizu, Olana Janfa and Evi O.

For each design, there is a limited run of only 25 scarves per artist available for sale. All proceeds will go back into the organisation, allowing it to continue making safe, creative spaces and enact positive social change.

The beautifully printed silk scarves will be available for pre-order from 10am Thursday November 14, with signed and framed first editions to be auctioned off on the night of the gala.


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