Gabriella Luchini creates jewellery inspired by the Italian Renaissance

Words by Fashion Journal

Wearable art.

Gabriella Luchini’s love for jewellery goes all the way back to making pasta necklaces as a five-year-old.

She eventually progressed to beads, before being formally trained in the art.

Fast forward a few years and Gabriella now explores experimental methods to create new plays on form and texture. Every piece of her fine jewellery is personally made from her studio in Surry Hills. Sterling silver hoops with blue goldstones, brass moon earrings and stacking rings are just some of the designs you can expect.

All are heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance and Baroque art movements, with items created as modern takes on family heirlooms.

Equally as important as the jewellery itself is Gabriella’s commitment to lowering the brand’s environmental impact. Allowing you to shop guilt-free, Gabriella Luchini only uses recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones.


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