Utoppii is the vegan accessories label you need on your radar

Words by Fashion Journal

A brand that gives back.

Feeling unfulfilled in her corporate career, Trixie Thye embarked on a journey to chase her entrepreneurial dream and to simultaneously make the community a better place.

The result was Utoppii, a vegan-friendly accessories label that aims to give back to the environment.

Utoppii launched with a signature backpack, designed to maximise the potential of two bags in one. The hybrid design combines the comfort of a backpack, with the functionality of a handbag. It contains a number of separate compartments so you can keep your work attire away from your gym clothes, your food separate from your laptop and so on.

Dubbed the Collage Bag, it also features a signature pegboard design, allowing you to personalise the front with embroidered patches. This means you can add brilliant pops of colour to the monochrome design, for those who like to get a bit creative.

Since launching, the brand has expanded the range to include vegan-friendly laptop cases, cross body bags and baby changing mats too.

Best of all, Utoppii is committed to donating at least 10 per cent of profits to non-profit organisations like School for Life, which builds schools in poverty-stricken countries.

Head here to make a guilt-free purchase.


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