Suku Home has created a puffer-robe hybrid

Image via Suku Home
Words By Tori Mathison

The only robe you’ll need this winter.

As we begin to venture outside as lockdown restrictions ease up, we have to face the unavoidable and temperamental autumnal weather that’s coming in thick and fast.

I write this with my heater on full blast and a cup of scalding hot earl grey tea beside me, lusting after one of Suku Home’s new puffer robes. Because let’s be real, it’s all I actually need right now. It’s a robe, a blanket, a sleeping bag and even a coat (it’s actually that versatile).

Suku Home dropped the Luna Long Puffer Robe as part of its first round of luxe loungewear to be released from its new Night, Night collection, which you can look through in its entirety in our gallery.

The robe itself features Suku’s iconic circle tie-dye technique against a midnight background, and its lengthy hang, long sleeves and high collar will envelop you and keep you perfectly rugged up.

Made from bamboo rayon and vegan polyester filling, the robe is super cosy and 100 per cent winter-proof. The puffer robe also comes in Candy, which is bright pink, and Sparkle which is a shorter make in white with sprayed dye details. 

For those uninitiated, Suku Home, founded by designer Christine Lafian, is a Melbourne-based label creating fair trade and sustainable garments and homewares. Lafian’s pieces are designed to introduce vibrant designs into modern interiors through bold and colourful patterns and imagery inspired by her travels through her homeland Indonesia.

You can catch her (and the Luna Robe) on the Fashion Journal Instagram story highlights under #isowithchrissy. #isowith is our isolation initiative where Australian creatives take you through their day over on our Instagram stories. You can check out our highlights if you feel like immersing yourself in other people’s lives for a while – we highly recommend it.


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