Superdry is on a mission to become the most sustainable fashion brand on the planet


And it’s starting things off with a new partnership and a sustainable underwear collection.

As part of its mission to become “the most sustainable listed global fashion brand on the planet”, Superdry has teamed up with a new muse for a sustainability-focused underwear and sleepwear collection.

The brand has struck a three-year deal with Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr., currently a player for the Brazilian National Team and Paris Saint Germain. The partnership is all about championing sustainability and is another step in Superdry’s Grow Future Thinking initiative.

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This initiative is designed both to meet the brand’s goal of being the supreme sustainable fashion brand and to meet the 2030 deadline for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a global blueprint for a more sustainable future and include goals across a number of key areas like poverty, inequality and environmental degradation for companies, countries and individuals to track their global contributions by.

Inspired by these goals, Superdry has set goals of its own. By 2030, the global brand aims to use exclusively organic cotton across all of its designs.

Some of Superdry’s most iconic pieces have already seen major sustainability upgrades thanks to these goals, including the brand’s signature jackets, which now contain either certified responsibly sourced down or recycled plastic from discarded bottles.

The initiative also extends to fair and respectful treatment for everyone involved in the supply chain, from workers in Superdry factories to the farmers growing the organic cotton in the first place.


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For this collection in collaboration with Neymar Jr., the brand has created a range of organic cotton underwear with recycled poly waistbands. The classic menswear styles are designed for maximum comfort as well as being as sustainable as possible.

Superdry’s founder and CEO Julian Dunkerton says of the collection, “We already make amazing underwear, and our aim is to make it even better.”

Neymar Jr. is also working with the brand to expand the range with a number of sleepwear essentials, featuring the same responsibly sourced textiles and focus on comfort.

A world-famous soccer player may seem like an unconventional choice for a fashion brand’s muse, but Superdry was drawn to both his creativity and his passion for creating global change.

Back in 2014, the athlete founded the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., a non-profit civil association operating in his hometown of Praia Grande in Sao Paolo. The goal of the institute is to use education, sport and culture to create more opportunities for vulnerable children and their families.

“I’ve helped thousands of people without feeling the need to shout about it, because it’s not about me. My most notable achievement in life is having created this institute,” says Neymar Jr. “It makes me so happy when I receive videos from the children. Because I live far away from them, I try to be as involved as I can virtually. Every time I go back to Brazil, I meet them at the institute and it brings me such joy.”

As part of its partnership with Neymar Jr., Superdry has pledged an annual donation to the institute to help expand its vital work in the neighbourhood. This will be particularly helpful in getting it back on its feet after the pandemic, when a lot of its programs have been unable to run.

Although Neymar Jr. and Superdry are championing different causes, both parties are incredibly passionate about having a positive impact on the world. With this in mind, the partnership becomes an inspiring meeting of the minds.

Dunkerton says of the collaboration, “Neymar’s passion for creating positive change through the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. aligns with our goals to produce the most sustainable product, whilst protecting our planet and supporting our people in all that we do.”

As well as just loving a really comfortable pair of underwear, Neymar Jr. is equally as inspired by Superdry’s commitment to the planet.

I’m not an expert on sustainability, but I do know how important it is for us and our future. It’s not just a question of image, everyone should be proud to wear sustainable fashion,” he explains. “To live in a better world, everybody needs to pay attention to the small stuff and take note of what they can do to help. Football is no exception; it must do its part and so must the players.”


To learn more about Superdry’s sustainability plan, click through here.

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