The Australian labels making sweater vests (and a couple international for good measure)


Put your vest foot forward.

Sweater vests are the ideal mix of wholesome, daggy and cool – a potent combo. Favoured by fictional characters like Chandler Bing and Jackie Burkhart, and real life people like me, there is something about a knitted sweater minus the sleeves that adds that little something-something to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit. 

It’s okay if you are a little bit hesitant about embracing sweater vests (frankly, I was too). They strongly remind me of childhood summers spent at my grandparents’ house because yes, they both absolutely wore knitted vests. 

But after seeing this trend popping up on my Instagram feed fairly frequently, it’s really grown on me (damn those algorithms), and now I want one to call my own. Obviously, I’ve been trawling the internet with my newfound obsession in mind, so here I present to you a list of Australian (as well as international) labels who are offering their own take on the humble sweater vest.

E Nolan 


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E Nolan’s collection of knitted cricket vests are just excellent. Based in Melbourne, the label is all about tailored design and products made for long-term wear. E Nolan’s vests are designed for a relaxed fit, feature a classic V-neckline, and are made in breathable cotton. Colours include cream, seafoam, navy, yellow sherbet, black and hot melon.

Available here for $215.

Abby Keep

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These hand-knitted vests are a huge vibe. Each and every vest is made to order, featuring split, checked and custom designs. The woman behind the label, Melbourne-based knitter Abby Jane Keep, describes herself as a 70-year-old stuck in a young person’s shell, which sort of sums up the sweater vest energy, really. 

Available to order through Instagram.


Handmade in Melbourne, this knitwear label is one of Australia’s leading slow fashion initiatives, as each piece is unique to you and is custom made on request. Loris’ cotton singlets incorporate drop shoulders, varied stitch styles and pleasingly bold colours.

Available to order through Instagram.

Fresh Maybe New

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The somewhat unconventional pieces from this knitter challenge predictable approaches to knitwear. Fresh Maybe New believes that clothes have no gender and are simply fabric that you can wear however you want, a sentiment I firmly agree with. All orders are custom designed, and enquiries are made through the email listed in its Instagram bio. 

Available to order through Instagram.

House of Sunny

Sleeves on or off? Up to you! One of the key drivers of the sweater vest movement, this UK fashion label offers its own take on the vest, combining functionality with style. House of Sunny vests can be worn as a jumper thanks to those ingenious pop on and off sleeves, making them a perfect transitional piece for unpredictable weather.

Available online here for $157.


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#DAKOTA501 🖤🖤🖤

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Based in Melbourne, street style-inspired retailer Dakota501 offers cool and casual clothing items at affordable prices. Its knitted vests showcase classic patterns, like diamond and plaid details, giving them a vintage look.

Available online here.

Kina & Tam

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Kina and Tam’s tagline is “Children’s clothing for bigger humans” which says everything you need to know about the brand. Playfully designed and with a huge focus on colour, its designs are plucked right from your dream childhood wardrobe. Kina and Tam’s collection of vests features a variety of patterns and styles, including its signature knitted tulip vest.

Available online here.

Depop Australia

Depop is a great online marketplace to support local independent designers. A simple search of ‘sweater vest’ or ‘knitted vest’ will reveal hundreds of results from Australia. Better yet, Depop features pre-loved items, so they’re sustainable and affordable – a great place to find a vest if you’re not ready to commit to a custom knit.


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