Crocs are cool, and these outfits prove it


Words by Holly Harman

Versatility like no other.

This year, I decided to skip the pointless ritual of making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and settle for something much more achievable. As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve in 2019 and the fireworks were bursting over the shore, instead of popping a bottle of champagne, I was furiously ordering a new pair of Crocs on my phone (with several Jibbitz, of course). 

Reflecting upon this, I realise I must be part psychic because as this year has unravelled (quite literally unravelled), it’s occurred to me that this was perhaps not just another impulsive online purchase but a very wise decision indeed. I wasn’t frustrated when I didn’t achieve that ever-unattainable goal of chiselled abdominals, nor was I bitterly disappointed when yet again my savings were non-existent. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with comfort, versatility and an elevated shoe wardrobe – the perfect footwear for the year of staying-in. 

Aside from being effortlessly chic (we’ll get to that) and unbelievably comfortable, I cannot name another shoe that can transform from a fashionable summer look to footwear ready-for-action with just one flick of a strap. Although I have been guilty of Croc-shaming in the past, I can proudly admit that subconsciously I was just jealous and I have since turned a 180 to appreciate Crocs for what they are… Dad, I’m sorry. 

Given that other traditionally ‘ugly’ shoes have been creeping their way into fashion for some time now (AKA the dad sneaker) and if we reflect on the Balenciaga and Christopher Kane runways in 2017, where models swapped their heels for Crocs, the Crocs-moment has been a long time coming. In recent times, many have jumped on the Crocs-fashun bandwagon, but there are still the sceptics that don’t see them as anything other than a primary school throwback, a gardening shoe or their dad’s Sunday look. To combat this, I’ve compiled a selection of looks that may just be the inspiration you need to see Crocs in the light they deserve.

Poppy Lissiman

Known for her eye-catching bags and sunglasses, Poppy Lissiman hasn’t failed to show up for the Crocs-fashion moment. Who needs uncomfortable heels when the addition of a platform clog adds adequate elevation to any outfit? Poppy herself has been spotted in a pair of fluorescent green crocs, further solidifying their fashionable status.

Flex Mami

A high standard is set by the ever-vivacious Flex Mami, posing on her ridiculously cool green and white checkered floorboards in a mint green Croc and gingham Ganni dress ensemble.

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Ruby Rose

In true Ruby Rose style, the Australian model and actor effortlessly pulls off a pair of Crocs – the Just Love style she designed to celebrate pride and accelerate LGBTQ acceptance. To rock these baddies is one thing, but to match your buzz cut to the colour scheme is just a whole new level of cool. We are not worthy.

Maxine Wylde

Melbourne-based fashion blogger Maxine Wylde is seen here in Ruby Rose’s Just Love collection showing us that odd socks are cool when paired with technicoloured Crocs. Rather than regular white sneakers, the addition of Crocs gives a fabulous personal touch to the outfit.

Alani Figueroa

Known for her colourful Instagram littered with neon pieces and bold ensembles, Alani pairs a bright orange cardigan with a leopard print pantsuit, tied together with carrot orange Crocs. This recently launched collaboration with Crocs and Anwar Carrots is the street style collaboration the world deserved and it also serves as a much-needed reminder to eat more veggies.

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Tu abuelita favorita

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Mia Regan

Known as @mimimoocher on Instagram, this stylish British teen (who is also Romeo Beckham’s girlfriend) shows us how lime green Crocs can bring a welcome pop of colour and pizazz to a laidback look.

Devon Carlson

US-based Instagram star Devon Carlson has not shied away from the Crocs trend and goes one step further by wearing her pair with socks and pairing them with a designer handbag – it’s all about balance, sweetie.

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very nice

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G Flip

Another example of an Australian incorporating Crocs into their everyday look, musician G Flip is spotted rocking a tangerine pair with a generous selection of Jibbitz.

Crocs Australia

The Australian Instagram page for Crocs does not lack in the inspiration department, showing how the Bae Platform Clog can elevate an at-home look, and quite literally elevate oneself at the same time. 


If you’re still shaking your head in disapproval then you may be a lost cause, but if these posts have sparked your curiosity and you find yourself digging out the old, neglected pair of Crocs you swore you’d never wear again… then I rest my case.

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