These biodegradable sneakers can go in the compost bin when you’re done wearing them

Images via Native Shoes
Words by Ruby Staley

Taking eco-friendly footwear to a whole new level.

When it comes to saving the planet, cutting out single-use plastic and minimising harmful emissions seem to be the most practical steps forward.

Canadian shoe company Native Shoes is making it easier than ever for us to cut back on our plastic consumption, one pair of shoes at a time.

Leaving behind potentially harmful materials like synthetics, leather and rubber, Native Shoes has introduced a new sneaker that’s completely compostable, Certified Animal Cruelty Free and leaves zero waste behind when you’re done with it.

The Plant Shoe uses a classic court silhouette and is currently available in white with a natural gum sole.

From the natural latex outsoles derived from the virgin milk of a hevea tree to the eucalyptus pulp base used for its upper, the shoe boasts an incredibly low environmental impact.

And instead of tossing your kicks away at the end of their wear life (like many of us have done with previous purchases) they can go right in the compost bin.

Once the materials are exposed to bacteria and composting agents, they’ll begin to break down in around 45 days.

And because they’re made with no chemicals or synthetics, the process won’t damage the earth at all.

Luckily, Native Shoes ships to Australia, so you can find yourself a pair of Plant Shoes online for $300 if you feel like doing your bit for the planet.


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