This emerging designer is selling upcycled sneaker corsets on Depop

Image via Instagram
Words by Fashion Journal

Renaissance, but make it street.

Upcycled, trash-to-treasure, post-apocalyptic style has been front and centre at the September fashion weeks. Everyone knows the fashion industry has to change, but no one can see a way to unite artistry and zero-waste practice, without gutting the system and starting all over again.

Perhaps, then, the answer is not counting on the actions of big fashion houses to do the work for us, but turning to the emerging designers to innovate the next steps around consumption. Who knows how to make something from nothing better than graduate students?

Cierra Boyd is one such creative, pushing her own guerilla sustainability agenda via second-hand clothes selling app, Depop. Based in Ohio, she has launched her one-woman label FRISKMEGOOD where she sells corsets repurposed from the sneakers she finds at secondhand stores.

Not only is each piece unique, cost-effective, and sustainable, but marrying streetwear with a timeless silhouette brings the concept of decorative corsetry right into the 21st century.


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