This giant Mickey Mouse head is actually a $5,515 Gucci bag

Images via Gucci


Remember when Gucci sent a giant Mickey Mouse head down its Spring/Summer 19 runway?

For those who don’t, here’s a refresher:

It was all part of a collaboration with Disney, celebrating Mickey’s 90th birthday. Six months later and the fashion house has released the bag online, which is available for preorder for a cool $5,515.

You can choose from two colourways – the first is in the traditional colouring of Mickey, while the second is all-white with red illustrations. The latter also features ‘mon petit chou’ written across the top (French for ‘my cream puff’).

Both iterations have been crafted from plastic using a 3D-printing technique, and feature subtle Gucci branding.

The white version doesn’t appear to be available to Australians yet, but you can preorder the other Mickey Mouse Top Handle bag here.


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