Tilda Jewels is creating jewellery inspired by geology

Images by Jess Brohier

Words by Jasmine Wallis


And they’re all locally made in Melbourne.

Designer, Matilda Cole was travelling through South America when she came across a Peruvian tour guide. He told her that the Incas referred to gold as, “the tears of the sun”, and when Matilda returned to Melbourne, Tilda Jewels was born.

Full of natural silver and gold metals, Tilda says she, “really did imagine tears of the sun dropping into stones,” as she was designing. Her first collection, Made of Stone, harnesses her passion for geological formations and the ancient art of wax casting to create an rough and textured jewellery line.

Wax casting dates back to the 16th century and, according to Matilda is, “when you create something from wax so you can mould it with your fingers and that can be reproduced into any metal or material that can be melted down.” This inspiration brings a unique quality to each ring, necklace, and bracelet.

Each piece is handmade in Melbourne and features recycled sterling silver and gold. The reused nature of the metals was extremely important to the 22-year old designer.

“I didn’t want to have a career where I was using materials that couldn’t be reused. The casting facilities that I use are all local so you can bring in your own products and they’ll recycle and remelt them.”

As a fine arts major at Monash University, the pull towards stone as inspiration began when she started her sculpture practice. “I was really torn between geology and sculpture and I just kind of delved into that inspiration to create products that were wearable and influenced by stones,” she explains.

The one-woman brand is passionate that each piece of Tilda jewellery has longevity. “I definitely value sustainability and making sure that it can be melted down and adapted throughout generations. They can be passed down as an heirloom.”

From simple hoops to rough-cut pendants, Matilda’s pieces feel like they were made especially for you, and your children, and your children’s children.

You can shop the Made From Stone collection here.


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