Urban Outfitters releases an ‘influencer’ Halloween costume, so you can dress like Kim K

Images via Urban Outfitters
Words by Tara Smith

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With Halloween a mere 30 days away, it’s time to start planning the perfect outfit.

This year, you can skip the overdone bunny ears or cat costume and get one step closer to becoming a Kardashian instead.

Urban Outfitters has unveiled an ‘influencer’ costume, which looks remarkably similar to Kim K in Yeezy Season 6.

Included is a lookalike sports bra and legging set, but you’ll need to source your own blonde wig, sneakers and sunglasses.

While USD $59 might sound expensive for an incomplete outfit, it’s still much more cost effective than the real thing, which will set you back $415.

If you ask us, your money is much better spent going towards this excellent Bob Ross costume instead.


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