WIN: a 6-month supply of TOM Organic products

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Make the switch to TOM Organic.

Each woman uses more than 12,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime, but despite using these products so regularly, not many of us are actually aware of the ingredients that go into them.

Conventional cotton crops are some of the most heavily sprayed in the world. And, considering the vagina is one of the most absorbent areas of our bodies, we think the knowledge that our tampons are free from chemicals is important piece of mind to have. That’s why TOM Organic uses 100 per cent certified organic cotton, which is better for us and better for the planet.

Now that GST on sanitary supplies is a distant memory, the switch to organic products has never been more affordable. But we want to help one FJ reader make the switch for free.

We’ve partnered with TOM Organic to give away a six-month supply of TOM products. Simply enter your details below for a chance to win:

  • 4x Super tampons (12pk)
  • 4x Regular tampons (12pk)
  • 4x Mini tampon (12 pk)
  • 2x Super Pads (10pk)
  • 2x Regular Pads (10 pk)
  • 2x Liners (26 pk)


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