You can now buy sneakers made from merino wool


The world’s most comfortable shoes.

We Aussies are pretty big fans of merino wool.

We like to wear it, sleep and wrap ourselves up in it. Now, thanks to footwear label Allbirds, we can even walk in it.

The Californian-based company has brought its sustainable range to Australia. The offering includes two sneaker styles, both with a premium merino wool upper and insole made from castor oil.

Proclaimed as the world’s most comfortable shoes, the two styles include the women’s Wool Loungers (a loafer style slip on) and the women’s Wool Runners. Each is available in multiple colourways including black, grey, white and limited-edition options such as pink and olive.

The shoes are produced using 60 per cent less energy than sneakers made from synthetic materials, and are also machine washable.

You can grab your pair online for $140 each.


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