Youswim makes one-size-fits-all bathers up to size 18

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Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Seven sizes in one.

When it comes to fashion’s size diversity problem, the swimwear industry is its own unique cesspool.

On top of finding a brand that stocks your size, for some people it’s borderline impossible to find a suit that works with their individual shape or bum-to-bust ratio.

Throw in society’s obsession with ‘bikini bodies’ and the irrational expectation that we’ll all drop 10kg when summer rolls around to make ourselves somehow more presentable for public consumption, and even the word ‘swimwear’ is enough to elicit a fight or flight response.

Labels like boob-friendly RAQ Apparel are making a name for themselves by actively catering to body types that many others don’t.

Another brand we’ve had our eyes on for a while is Youswim, thanks to its innovative textile that eliminates standard sizing models altogether.

We know we weren’t the only ones concerned when the brand disappeared from social media earlier in the year, but a post made today has reassured us that Youswim is still kicking. With refreshing transparency, it admitted to getting a little overwhelmed and dropping the ball in terms of order processing and communication over the last couple of months.

But, armed with more experience and a new team baby, the label promises greater efficiency and openness moving forward.


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Phew, we’ve finally caught our breath. ⠀ ⠀ The overwhelming support you showed us this summer left our tiny but mighty team of 3 (😳) a little lost for words. We knew our adaptable swimsuits would change the game, but the scale of support and beautiful notes we received this summer was beyond anything we had dreamed of. From the bottom of our water-loving hearts, thank you 🙏⠀ ⠀ Rather than write new Instagram posts, we chose to focus on creating and packing your favourite swimsuits. While we were away, we grew the Youswim team (say hi to James and Rosie 👋), re-stocked all of your faves, moved to a new studio, our co-founders had a v cute baby boy ↑, and we’re now ready to txt you back and ship your suits quicker than ever.⠀ ⠀ We owe a huge thank you to everyone who pre-ordered this summer – we hope you love your Youswim! If your pre-order was delayed or we were a little slow to respond, we’re so sorry to have let you down. As a small team locally producing our super-stretchy suits in England, there’s nothing more important to us than you being happy with your purchase, and we’re incredibly thankful for every order and enquiry. Although most pre-orders shipped on time, we regrettably disappointed some of you.⠀ ⠀ We learned a whole lot, and we’re now ready for the next wave. We hope that the next time you’re swimsuit-shopping, you’ll choose one that’s ethically made, one that’ll adapt to fit you for years to come, and one that votes for a future where swimsuit-shopping is less about sizes and more about you #asyouare. ⠀ ⠀ ♥️, ⠀ The Youswim Team (+ baby 👶🏻) ⠀ ⠀ 📷 by @ebony_tali of co-founder Elise

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What sets Youswim apart from other swimwear brands is its determination to move away from restrictive sizing and make finding bathers that fit just that little bit easier.

Browsing the brand’s online store, you’ll notice that everything is only available in one size. Usually, this would set off immediate alarm bells – I mean, how many times has one size actually fit all? Outside of a toga, that is, or possibly a very breezy kaftan.

While Youswim’s swimswear definitely doesn’t fit all, each suit can stretch to fit seven different sizes ranging from a standard Australian 6-18. This is because they’re made from super stretchy, seamless rib knit, which is sourced throughout Europe and woven in England.

Obviously, swimsuit needs don’t stop at a size 18, and this approach isn’t the long-awaited miracle answer to the industry’s diversity issues. But the versatility of the brand’s designs could definitely come to the rescue of those with previously unaccommodated silhouettes like big boobs, little butts, hourglass waists and long torsos. They’ll also adapt with your body as it naturally grows or fluctuates.

Swimsuits come in two distinct styles – the Aplomb and Poise – each of which is available in one-piece, high-waisted two-piece and low-waisted two-piece variations. But, because each piece stretches to fit your individual curves, they have the effect of looking slightly different on everyone who wears them.

Of course, innovative sizing doesn’t mean much if the designs aren’t cute. Fortunately, Youswim’s ribbed textile gives its range a sweet retro-feel, and its colour palette of rich primary shades and cheerful pastels is so good it borders on mind-blowing.

Check out Youswim’s stretchy swimwear offering online.



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