Zara is under fire for appropriating the traditional Asian lungi

Zara lungi cultural appropriation

Images via Zara/Roy Garner/Shutterstock


We’ve all heard the familiar story of Zara ripping off independent designers, but this time it’s been accused of appropriating culture.

The retailer recently launched a checked-coloured skirt that bears resemblance to the traditional Asian lungi, a sarong worn by men and women across Asia. The garment is popular for its affordability and gender-neutrality, usually retailing for around $3.

Zara’s ‘Check Mini Skirt’ arrives at a slightly more expensive price, coming in at just under $100.

Customers have called out the brand for failing to reference the style’s origins, with no mention of ‘lungi’ in the item’s description. Instead, Zara describes the skirt as a ‘flowing skirt with draped detail in the front’.

Check out some of the outrage/amusement via tweets below.


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