11 creative courses you can start this year

It’s not too late for a new career.

Choosing a career path can be an overwhelming task.
There’s a lot of options out there and sometimes, it can be hard to work your way through them. So we’ve pulled together a few course options for 2017.
Think of it as an unofficial guide to achieving your career goals.
Australian Style Institute
Location: Melbourne and Sydney
Qualification: Certificate of Professional Styling and Image, Advanced Certificate of Professional Styling and Image, Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling
Next enrolment date: May 22 – 26 (Melbourne)
Why you should study here: With flexible learning options, you can access the best in styling education anytime, anywhere.
What you’ll learn: Courses cover personal styling, styling for editorial, celebrity and runway styling, corporate and commercial styling. At the heart of what ASI teaches lies human behaviour techniques. This allows students to connect with clients on an authentic level, relevant to any area of styling you choose.
What you’ll gain: ASI knows that styling skills aren’t enough for you to be the best. It’s the combination of styling, human behaviour and business education that will give you the confidence and acumen to pursue your dreams.
What makes them different: They’re committed to shaping the industry and have established themselves as an authority for training and preparing students for roles with magazines, digital publications and the country’s largest retailers. From the day you enrol as a student, you have a team of experts behind you, supporting your styling journey.
Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy
Location: Alexandria NSW, Westfield Parramatta NSW, South Yarra VIC, Brisbane QLD
Qualification: Personal Makeup Skills Workshop, Certificate in Fashion Glamour and Bridal Makeup Artistry, Advanced Certificate in Fashion Glamour and Bridal Makeup Artistry, Beauty of Business and Bridal Workshop
Next enrolment date: June 2017
Why you should study here: Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy offers an innovative take on beauty education in state-of-the-art facilities. You’ll be taught by industry-leading instructors who boast extensive experience in runway, editorial, commercial, bridal and celebrity makeup.
What you’ll learn: A wide range of courses gives you the opportunity to explore the world of bridal, fashion and editorial makeup. You’ll also have the chance to learn to perfect your own look.
What you’ll gain: With over 25 years’ experience in makeup education, NPMA will give you an understanding of current and innovative techniques and skills, key to your development and entry into the industry.
What makes them different: Napoleon Perdis himself has a huge role in developing courses, ensuring they offer an innovative and practical approach.
Fashion Equipped
Location: Online
Qualification: Start Your Fashion Business Programme
Next enrolment date: July 2017
Why you should study here: Fashion Equipped brings business school learning straight to your laptop. An online course mentored by Fashion Equipped founder, Elizabeth Formosa, Start Your Fashion Business includes video-guided mentorship, access to industry experts, group coaching calls and the option to learn at your own pace.
What you’ll learn: Industry professionals will take you through each business development phase, step by step. You’ll develop ideas and learn the skills to get a business off the ground and grow it.
What you’ll gain: An understanding of the fashion industry and key steps to running a fashion business. You’ll also gain access to the fashion industry networks required to launch and grow your business.
What makes them different: Fashion Equipped isn’t a traditional fashion school. The course allows those who are serious about starting a business to connect with industry professionals who provide advice on planning, launching and growing a business.
Australian Academy of Modelling
Location: Toorak VIC
Qualification: Advanced Diploma in Modelling
Next enrolment date: July 22
Why you should study here: Australian Academy of Modelling takes a hands-on and practical approach to industry training. With an influential group of international experts to lead classes, AAM’s vision is to create transformational changes in the lives of students, both personally and professionally.
What you’ll learn: The course prepares students with the fundamentals of modelling. It covers everything from runway techniques to portfolio training, fitness programs, self-empowerment, positive mindset, business skills and marketing.
What you’ll gain: AAM will get your modelling journey underway. Not only will you gain improved self-confidence and positive self-image, you’ll leave with all the skills needed to make it in the industry.
What makes them different: AAM puts particular focus on developing the innate character and values of its students.
Location: Redfern NSW, Fitzroy VIC, Fortitude Valley QLD, Northern Rivers NSW, Adelaide SA
Qualification: Proudly unaccredited
Next enrolment date: Every day
Why you should study here: Work-Shop delivers short courses in arts, crafts, food, music and life skills. With an aim to provide affordable classes in alternate subjects, Work-Shop is ideal for any budding creatives looking to harness a new skill.
What you’ll learn: Anything and everything, from the basics of making sourdough bread, to weaving, making skateboards, buying property and learning pottery.
What you’ll gain: Life skills and personal development in just about any area imaginable.
What makes them different: There are 607 creatives who have teamed up with Work-Shop to teach 453 different classes. It’s as easy as jumping online, picking your class and showing up.
Orana Fashion Business College
Location: Ultimo NSW
Qualification: Certificate IV in Business (majoring in Fashion)
Next enrolment date: July 2017, October 2017, February 2018
Why you should study here: Orana is dedicated to helping students fast-track their journey into the fashion industry, offering mentoring, workplace training and small class sizes. Orana is accredited, meaning you have the option to extend your studies. You’ll also score an iPad Air upon commencement.
What you’ll learn: Orana’s course consists of four programs that run over a 12-month period – Business, Fashion, Portfolio and Industry. Students will learn about marketing, networking, styling, PR, visual merchandising, journalism and more. You’ll also build a portfolio and have the chance to undertake industry internships.
What you’ll gain: The relevant industry skills, knowledge and experience to make it in fashion, as well as a thorough understanding of the industry.
What makes them different: Orana offers its students the chance to work for Orana Creative, a styling and creative business run by the college.
National Academy of Beauty
Location: Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Mornington Peninsula VIC
Qualification: Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services), Diploma of Screen and Media focusing on Cinemagraphic and SFX Makeup
Next enrolment date: Enrolments open now
Why you should study here: The National Academy of Beauty is a nationally recognised makeup and beauty school that breathes, lives and loves all things beauty. It delivers innovative, hands-on courses in specialist makeup, cinemagraphic makeup and beauty therapy in state-of-the-art facilities.
What you’ll learn: Makeup students will learn how to style hair and apply specialist makeup for photography, theatre, period, special effects, film, television and fashion. Beauty students will learn the latest beauty industry developments, so you can put yourself at the forefront of the beauty therapy world once you’re fully qualified. Beauty isn’t simply skin-deep, so you will also learn about wellbeing, nutrition and various holistic approaches underpinning modern beauty.
What you’ll gain: Makeup students will learn a wide range of relevant makeup skills, including makeup application, eyelash extensions, hair styling, special effects makeup, ageing with latex, bruises, scars and burns, character make-up, creating prosthetics, air brushing application, and industry insights and methods. Beauty students will learn a wide range of relevant beauty therapy skills, including hair removal, nail services, makeup, facial and body treatments, lash and brow services, spa therapy, relaxation massage and microdermabrasion.
What makes them different: The National Academy of Beauty prides itself on the depth of its courses, ensuring all students are up-to-date with the newest techniques, trends and practices. The courses are delivered by passionate and experienced trainers who are highly accomplished beauty therapists and makeup artists. Their extensive industry knowledge and experience enables them to give students true insight into the industry.
Beauty EDU
Location: Melbourne VIC
Qualification: Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Next enrolment date: Enrolments open now
Why you should study here: Beauty EDU is a nationally recognised beauty school that has changed the face of learning for the next generation of beauty graduates. It operates in a more enlightened way, by placing priority on the social and environmental impact of its schools.
What you’ll learn: From facials, makeup, waxing and microdermabrasion, to body treatments, reflexology, massage and so much more. Filled with talks, special events and hands-on tutorials, Beauty EDU learning is designed by people who truly know the industry. You can be sure what you’re getting is exactly what you need to land your dream job post-graduation.
What you’ll gain: You will learn a wide range of relevant beauty therapy skills, including hair removal, nail services, makeup, facial and body treatments, lash and brow services, spa therapy, relaxation massage and microdermabrasion.
What makes them different: The benefits of studying with Beauty EDU include its focus on hands-on classes, industry connections and quality products. Industry-led, practical classes ensure no two days are ever the same. Educators come with extensive industry experience from all fields of beauty and will guide you through the practical components of your course, to ensure you are equipped with the skills to hit the ground running when you land your first job. Industry demands that graduates have hands-on experience. As part of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, students undertake industry placement in a business that best suits their interests, to enhance their skills in the beauty industry.
Holmesglen Institute
Location: Southbank VIC
Qualification: Bachelor of Fashion Design, Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design, Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Next enrolment date: July 2017 (Certificate II only), February 2018 (Certificate IV and Bachelor degree)
Why you should study here: Holmesglen’s aim is for graduates to leave with knowledge that will set them apart in the industry. A focus on new technology ensures Holmesglen students gain proficiency in the latest industrial production equipment and have a key understanding of fashion design and manufacturing processes.
What you’ll learn: Design innovation, manufacturing and pre-production, pattern engineering and professional practice make up Holmesglen’s primary areas of study. You’ll undertake local and international internships with industry mentors and also gain a comprehensive understanding of technical design and engineering.
What you’ll gain: The skills and knowledge to help you transition into the fashion industry. You’ll be prepped to enter roles including designer, pattern engineer, production/sourcing or garment technician. You’ll also leave equipped with the expertise to set up your own independent fashion business.
What makes them different: Holmesglen’s staff have both industry and international design education experience. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and contacts to help set you up on your fashion journey.
Whitehouse Institute of Design
Location: Surry Hills NSW, Melbourne VIC
Qualification: Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design, Interior Design or Creative Direction 
and Styling
Next enrolment dateSeptember 11
Why you should study here: With capped class sizes and a family environment, Whitehouse aims to deliver one-on-one education. Courses have been specifically developed to emulate working practices in the design industey.
What you’ll learn: The Bachelor of Design offers three specialisations: fashion design, interior design, and creative direction and styling.Each offers a diverse understanding of the relevant industry and equips students with design practices needed to make it in a
competitive field of work.
What you’ll gain: Digital skills in CAD programs and Adobe Creative Cloud, illustration, technical and specification drawing skills, and the ability to create technical documentation. You’ll also leave with professional practice capabilities and a deeper understanding of the industry you’re looking to enter.
What makes them different: Whitehouse prides itself on its teachers, who are actively engaged in the industry. Academic staff are able to bring a current understanding of the industry.
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