Coffee cups are now easily recyclable thanks to 7-Eleven

Image via 7-Eleven
Words by Rosie Macquire

All of the coffee, none of the guilt.

Here in Australia, takeaway cups are one of the largest contributors to waste. It’s estimated that more than one billion end up in landfill each year.

When purchasing your latte each day, it’s easy to forget the harsh effect coffee cups can have on the environment. Due to their plastic lining, they can’t be recycled through normal paper recycling facilities.

To help solve this problem, 7-Eleven and Melbourne-based recycling initiative, Simply Cups, have created a new scheme to prevent our takeaway cups heading to the tip. First of all, Simply Cups has developed technology that removes the plastic lining from each paper cup, so both materials can be recycled separately.

Next, 7-Eleven has placed dedicated recycling bins in 200 stores across Australia, as well as 50 other locations (such as schools and universities) to collect them.

Best of all, any brand of coffee cup can be recycled in these bins, so it’ll be worth making an effort to stop by 7-Eleven on your morning coffee break.


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