Allira Potter’s guide to harnessing the power of manifestation



“It’s essentially you just having a really cool positive mindset and saying ‘Yeah, I am open to receiving this abundance’.”

How many times have you heard someone say “manifesting that for us” or scrolled past people on your TikTok For You Page writing in their manifestation journal and reciting their daily affirmations?

Of all of the overused buzzwords we have come to hear this year, ‘manifestation’ comes a close second to the all time favourite, ‘sustainability’. As someone who dipped into manifestation back in the days of The Secret, the recent fixation on manifesting and spirituality, especially on social media and in everyday conversation, has been pleasantly surprising to me.

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While being relatively simple in its practice, manifestation can still be quite overwhelming for some. For others, it’s simply written off as a whole lot of fluff. That’s why I decided to speak with the ultimate spiritual queen, Allira Potter, on all things manifestation.

So whether you want to deepen your understanding of manifestation, are a bit unsure on how to get started, or have been doing it for years, this is Allira’s guide on how you can make your dream life a reality. 

Hi Allira! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do? 

I am a proud Yorta Yorta woman. My pronouns are she/they and what I do – I’m so multifaceted – I guess in the spiritual space is that I’m a manifestation and spiritual coach for people. I’m also an energy healer, intuitive reader, I do a lot in the body positivity space on social media, content creation and I just wrote a book Wild and Witchy, so I’m an author. 

How did your journey with manifestation and healing begin? 

It’s only started properly in the last couple of years. Just like a lot of people who work within the spiritual space, we almost hit a rock bottom, and that was me. I sort of hit a rock bottom and needed to lean on something to be able to separate myself from all of the negativity surrounding me. So I leaned into spirituality, manifestation and everything that sort of went with it. So yes, my journey only started a few years ago and it’s constantly evolving in the spiritual space because there is always something new to learn.   


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For those who might not know, what exactly is manifestation? 

Manifestation is all about the Law of Attraction – what we essentially put out to the universe is what we are going to get back. So a little bit like karma in that sense but if we are putting that positive energy into the universe, we are going to get that positive energy back. If we are thinking or acting negatively towards another person or just in general, we are going to get that energy back to us. 

So to break it down, whatever we put out to the universe is what we are wanting to get back. If we are wanting to manifest something specific, say a job, a lover, we would put that out to the universe whether that be writing it down on a piece of paper or verbally saying it and allowing yourself to trust that it is all coming to you. 

It can all be a bit overwhelming at times when you’re starting out. As a beginners guide, where and how should someone begin with manifestation? 

Start by unlearning what [you] already know about manifestation because I think it has become so saturated on social media that people assume we need to do so much in order to gain and desire what we want. Whereas manifesting is as simple as you writing down on a piece of paper saying, I’m allowing, for example, $5000 to come [my] way or I am allowing my new lover to come into my life. 

We need to be specific on the things that we desire but we also need to be conscious of what we are bringing in because it will have an impact on our life. So if we are bringing something in, we need to take a moment to [think] is this coming from a place of ego or is this coming from a place of ‘I actually really desire this and know that I am worthy of receiving this’. 


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We just need to write it down on a piece of paper, have the right mindset, be raising our energy levels so they are nice and high and putting out that positive energy. We also need to do little things like gratitude. I know that is a little overwhelming for some people but writing down three things that we are grateful for everyday just puts out to the universe that we are so in love with ourselves and our existence that we are accepting of anything coming our way. So that’s sort of a little rundown and also what I teach my clients. 

What are your tips and advice on practising and harnessing the power of manifestation?

I would say take manifestation seriously when you do it because I think a lot of people take the piss out of it. We as human beings are energetically able to manifest absolutely anything that we want but we need to understand whether it is coming from a place of ego or intuition. Is this something that is going to impact me or my friends and family? 

With bringing new things into your life comes change. You have to be prepared that if you are wanting to bring in, say a new partner, you might lose some friends along the way because you need to be able to create space for that manifestation.  

In what ways does manifestation impact our lives?

Oh my gosh. If people take it seriously, it can have a huge impact on our lives, especially in a positive way. I have manifested my whole career right now. I manifested working for myself, working less and just living my life. 

What role has it played in your life? Do you have any manifestation stories that you can share with us? 

We have to understand, manifesting and wanting to bring in your manifestations, it may take a couple of years to come in. It may not happen in a week or two weeks like some of us want. For instance, I had always been manifesting that I would be working for myself. I would put out into the universe while I was working at my corporate job, saying “I’m not going to be here forever, it’s just temporary,” so I was putting all of that energy out to the universe. 

For me, I manifested quitting my nine-to-five corporate job and just trusting that [the] universe had my back, knowing that I was quitting during a pandemic but that the universe could see that I was doing all of that positive work. Probably within a week after resigning I got my book deal which is kind of crazy. 

Are there any myths about manifestation? 

I don’t think there are any myths as such but I think a lot of people just don’t take it seriously and therefore they’re attracting the wrong sort of energy. I think a lot of people think manifesting is very woo-woo when it’s not really.

It’s essentially you just having a really cool, positive mindset and just saying “Yeah I am open to receiving this abundance,” which is amazing. So I don’t think there are any specific myths at all, I just think people need to 100 per cent take it seriously.  

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