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Kettles, handbags, candles and more.

As people who work full-time writing about fashion, beauty, skincare and homewares, we see a lot of different products. Between PR packages and the constant online shopping (it’s for research, okay?) Fashion Journal writers test it all: the good, the bad and the so-bad-it’s-kinda-good.

So when it comes to shopping on our own time, we choose our purchases wisely. Each t-shirt, hair product and new kitchen gadget is considered carefully, taking into account the important things, like the packaging – obviously.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate pair of suit pants, a luxury kettle or an alcohol-proof festival bag, read on for the best products we’ve bought this month.

Mary-Rose Madigan, FJ Contributor


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Because I’ve spent the last few years buying more practical things (aka track pants), I’ve really been having fun lately with my purchases. If it’s playful, bold and going to bring me joy, it’s in my cart. I’m in my heiress era.

This month, I treated myself to the Edith Wide Leg Jumpsuit by Edgeley. Not only is it super flattering and locally made, but it feels like a very ‘now’ piece. I also just love incorporating florals into my wardrobe.

I also purchased this Gettin’ Layered Midi Skirt in chocolate from Dyspnea. It’s been on my ‘want’ list for ages, but I held back with a fear I’d never wear it. However, after getting some inspiration via Instagram, I’ve realised it’s actually the perfect skirt to pair with a simple black tee and some sneakers. It’s ideal for a night at the pub or a fun dinner – heiress mode has been activated.

Giulia Brugliera, FJ’s Managing Editor


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This $250 Alessi Kettle is probably the most ridiculously extravagant purchase I’ve made for a long while, and I don’t regret it at all. I consider it a strategic decision. We’re trying to keep our kitchen clutter to a minimum and given our kettle sits in plain view on our benchtop, I figured it worth spending a bit more for something that looks nice. I bought mine from Designstuff, but you can definitely shop around and get yourself a better price.

Ella Taverner, FJ’s Account Manager

I’ve been a fan of Em on Holiday’s ’80s-inspired lounge pieces since purchasing that green checkered co-ord set back in 2020, which swiftly became my summer uniform. When visiting Sydney earlier this year, I popped into the brand’s Paddington store and picked up this fun, retro mesh tank top as a lil’ vacation treat. I was initially drawn to the nostalgic hibiscus print, it’s reminiscent of something I would’ve sported as a five-year-old which I simply j’adore. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how often I reach for it, pairing it back with some blue wash jeans or layered over a white tee.

Ruby Staley, FJ Contributor


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A post shared by DJERF AVENUE (@djerfavenue)

As a long-time fan of Matilda Djerf, I’ve been wanting to invest in a piece from her brand, Djerf Avenue, since it launched. Loved for its simple silhouettes and high-level craftsmanship, I was more than happy to splurge on a piece or two. I nabbed a pair On The Go Pants in Ash, and they have quickly become my favourite work-appropriate trousers.

Designed with some stretch around the waistband, these suit-style pants are light, soft and comfy. I love wearing them with a simple tee and a blazer over the top, but the options really are endless. A purchase well made in my opinion!

Giulia Brugliera, FJ’s Managing Editor


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While scoping out a gallery I discovered via meme account @stupid_bitch_energy, I found two paintings that I adored. We’ve just renovated our bathroom and the colours we chose to use throughout worked beautifully with each piece. I decided to take the plunge and purchase.

Both are by emerging Sydney artist Rosemary Lee. The first that struck me was Portrait of a Man which – while stunning – felt a little NQR in the context of the bathroom, so I opted for the other. It’s an oil-on-board painting of a woman’s naked body. The image feels both serene and affirming, and it reminds me each time I undress just how beautiful women’s bodies are.

Cait Emma Burke, FJ’s Digital Editor


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I spent much of last year searching for the ideal everyday handbag, but to no avail. I wanted something small, but still roomy enough to fit makeup products, or a toothbrush if I was staying the night somewhere. I needed it to be crossbody (mainly so I could take it to festivals and on nights out) but ideally, I wanted to have the option of shortening the strap so I could wear it as small handbag if I wanted to.

I finally found my perfect match in this Recycled Tech Festival Bag from Ganni. It’s become my daily bag and has already seen me through a few festivals. The fabric is durable (aka you can spill alcohol on it or accidentally drop it in the dirt and it won’t ruin it) and the strap is super adjustable, so I can have my tiny handbag moment with it, too.

Kate Streader, FJ Contributor


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A post shared by nst2 🏁 (@nst2lab)

I’d describe my style as pretty understated – I’m generally a ‘tailored trousers and chesty singlet’ kind of gal – so my two favourite recent purchases are pretty loud compared to most of my wardrobe. I just got my hands on these incredible Reebok X A$AP Nast sneakers, which I’m obsessed with. I wanted a pair of sneakers that are funky but still suit most of my outfits, and these babies are perfect.

I also just bought myself the blue Em On Holiday Happy Hawaii Kokomo Pant, which I’ve wanted forever. I just love this print and colour. They’re fun without being trend-based or fixed to one season, unlike most brightly-patterned pieces (which is why I tend to avoid them).

Izzy Wight, FJ’s Editorial Assistant


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A post shared by Blazed Wax (@blazedwax)

I’m actually on a hardcore spending ban right now (bar food, transport and vino, because those are absolute necessities) in preparation for an upcoming overseas holiday. I didn’t realise my last couple of frivolous – yet fabulous – purchases would be my last for a while, but I’m glad I snuck in some Blazed Wax candles. After recently moving into a brand-new space, my room was feeling a little sad.

Handpoured in Melbourne by the lovely ladies behind Sister Studios, the candy-coloured candles were exactly what my bedside table needed. I bought a two-toned Cherry Bomb in the colour Kopiko and two tall Dinner Candles in Slush Puppy to go with it. They burn like a dream and always make me smile.

Ella Taverner, FJ’s Account Manager


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In a slightly more chic vein, I ordered this Bassike dress in a last-minute panic ahead of a friend’s wedding. I find jersey dresses can be a little hit and miss in terms of fit, but the thick, body-forming fabric turned out to be really flattering.

Although on the pricier side, I envision this to be a great staple in my wardrobe due to its refined simplicity. I have a number of Bassike dresses in my wardrobe that I lean on for work events and formal occasions, and this one is no exception.

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