The best vases from Australian makers, according to local florists


Our country is simply bursting with innovative florists who know where to find the best vessels in the country.

It may be a familiar scenario. You return from the market with a beautiful bunch of flowers or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have received them as a gift. You unwrap them, trim them and proceed to go hunting for a vase, only to find none quite make your arrangement look the way it should.

Perhaps the flowers fall too widely, or the stems sit too rigidly upright. If you’re anything like me, often the vase that makes your flowers stand best is the one that’s daggiest – likely a present regifted by a relative.

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If there’s anything I’ve learnt through my time at Fashion Journal, it’s to ask around for recommendations. Our creative community is full of them, particularly when a person’s practice revolves around a certain item. Such is the case with florists and vases.

Given our country is simply bursting with skilled and innovative florists (many of whom are adept at navigating tricky sculptural designs) it makes sense to turn to them for advice when it comes to vases. Below five local florists share the vases and vessels they like best from our many talented Australian makers.

Fazeek’s ‘Vice Versa’ carafe

Chosen by: Claire Mueller of Acid.Flwrs

My go-to vase for AF at home is by Melbourne brand Fazeek. Technically it’s a carafe, but the versatility makes it even better. The shape is perfect for displaying a few Acid Phalaenopsis stems – the narrow neck holds the flowers upright while the wide base balances the weight, which can be a challenge with these flowers. I love the pop of the glass ball stopper underneath, Fazeek designer Jackie has a great eye for form and colour so it‘s an instant win for a striking arrangement. Get it here.


Elizabeth Lewis’ handcrafted vessels

Chosen by: Shahn Stewart of Alchemy Orange

One of our favourite ceramicists/vessel makers at the moment is Elizabeth Lewis! She’s a creative working from Cammeraygal Country in North Sydney. She doesn’t have a website yet, but you can view a few of my favourite pieces on her Instagram here and here.

I’ve only very recently discovered Elizabeth’s work but felt immediately attracted to it. The hand-crafted nature and obscure shaping of the vessels, along with the unique textural finishes and ever so cute colour combinations really caught my attention! After shooting her a message and engaging in conversation, I realised how lovely a person Elizabeth is – I always love seeing such talented people emerging in the creative industry. The vessels have many diverse uses as the opening holes vary in sizes, meaning you can fill them with either a more substantial posy or just a simple few stems and they’ll both look fantastic! The asymmetry really blends well with Alchemy Orange’s off-kilter and raw designs, and elevates the handmade quality of both creations. Get them here.


Hilary Green’s ‘Callais’ vessel

Chosen by: Kayla Moon of Xxflos

Hilary Green is by far my favourite ceramicist. Her work encapsulates what I imagine to be found in a mermaid’s grotto; inspired by the salt of the earth and the foam on that big blue. I have been selling her work through my online shop for over a year now, so I’ve had the pleasure of making many arrangements in HG vases. I would suggest minimal florals with lots of line and shape, to accentuate and complement her vases and vessels. Try a few single stems that reach out of the vase, paired with some low bulbous blooms. The Callais vessel I’ve picked is similar to a pistachio green fruit bowl I bought from Hilary earlier in the year. Candles, fruit and fleurs all look amazing in her otherworldly creations. Get it here.


Nicole Lawrence’s ‘Amphora’ vase

Chosen by: Hattie Molloy of Hattie Molloy

These vases are a collaboration between myself and Nicole Laurence.  Nicole is an inspiring Naarm (Melbourne) based industrial designer, her breadth and knowledge of material is phenomenal and collaborating with her was a dream. Get it here.


With Hands Studio’s ‘Allure’ vase

Chosen by: India Robinson of Blossm Bby

Sonia (of With Hands Studio) and I both share the meditative process of using our respective arts as a form of healing. You can feel the emotion in each hand-sculpted line of this piece. I recommend moulding some chicken wire or using a Kenzan at the base of the Allure vase. Along with using the different grooves and shapes of the vessel, this will give you the flexibility to create a more stylised and structural arrangement, rather than the flowers falling against the rim of the vessel at one height and losing its stunning shape. Get it here.


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