Book review: A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene

Words by Leah White

There’s no shame in sharing.

After putting a call-out on Facebook, Tallulah Pomeroy was inundated with stories about the slightly unpalatable things women do with (and to) their bodies.

A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene is a compilation of these honest anecdotes, paired with somewhat crude but hilarious illustrations. In essence, it’s here to reassure women that there’s no shame in sharing and delighting in each other’s poo and period stories. After all, femininity and being gross don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

From flossing teeth with hair to picking and squeezing intimate areas, this guide leaves no topic unexplored. Each chapter delves into a different theme, with the one titled Tasty Snacks my personal favourite. I’ll leave the contents to your imagination.

If nothing else, A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene will provide you with reassurance that your festy habits are completely normal.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 185. You can read it here.

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