Book review: Love Looks Pretty on You

Words by Leah White

Profound yet relatable.

I’m going to preface this review by saying I’ve never been a massive fan of poetry. Try as I may, I’ve not connected with this form of written word.

This month, however, I decided to give poetry another chance, and Love Looks Pretty on You seemed like a decent place to start.

Turns out, the work of author Lang Leav is, in fact, an awesome place to start.

Not only is she a social media sensation – with half a million Instagram followers and counting – her work has also been met with worldwide critical acclaim. And for good reason.

From prose on refugees, to words on slut-shaming and odes to her mother, Love Looks Pretty on You delicately captures the intricacies of human emotion. Leav’s words about love and life are profound yet relatable, making her work very easy to digest.

If you’ve been looking for an introduction to the world of poetry, this could be it.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 188. You can read it here.

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