Book review: Love

Words by Veronica Stanford

A refreshing outlook on love.

Having been in a relationship for six years now, I didn’t think Zoë Foster Blake’s Love would be of any use to me.

Months ago, a friend had recommended her work (and I saw Break-Up Boss single-handedly get her through one of her lowest points), rightfully telling me that Foster Blake’s advice holds a lot of merit.

Love has something for everyone, no matter their relationship status. But what really surprised me, was that for topics so widely covered, she still has refreshing advice to offer.

While it could have rehashed old adages like ‘you can’t love someone else until you love yourself’, the book breaks them down instead. It tells that you still deserve the chance to be loved by someone else, in spite of whether you love yourself or not.

It’s the kind of advice that’s simple, but important and self-assuring nonetheless.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187.

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