Book review: Pure Skin

Words by Leah White


This book caught my attention from the title.  Why yes, I would like to discover the Japanese ritual of glowing.

Unsure of what that involved, I eagerly read on. Turns out author Victoria Tsai learnt all she knows about beauty and skincare from geisha. She also just happens to be the founder of beauty brand, Tatcha. You’re in good hands here.

From uncovering the geisha ritual to creating and enhancing your own beauty routine, Pure Skin takes you on a comprehensive skincare journey. You’ll read about Japanese traditions, learn how to accurately identify your skin type and work out what products are best for you.

The book also does a great job of demystifying sheet masks, highlights the difference between the East and West’s approach to beauty and explores the Japanese diet for clear skin.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 182. You can read it here.

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