Book review: A World Without “Whom”

Words by Leah White

Essential reading.

Like it or not, the internet has changed the way we write.

A World Without “Whom” is penned by Emmy J. Favilla, the copy editor who was tasked with creating a style guide for BuzzFeed back in 2012. Yes, BuzzFeed has a style guide. And yes, it’s very comprehensive.

A World Without “Whom” is a thought-provoking read for those working in the communications, journalism or editing fields. Or really anyone who writes (so basically all of you).

While of course there are some grammar rules which shouldn’t be broken, A World Without “Whom” is an irreverent book that makes a case for throwing out the stuffy ones and writing how readers use language IRL.

Favilla argues that language is alive and evolving, and there’s no such thing as correct ‘style’. She believes that if your writing is making the reader feel something, then you’re doing it right. We couldn’t agree more.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 176. You can read it here.

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