A sneak peek at Heather Lighton’s debut book ‘YOUNG’

Youth, beauty and everything fresh and nice.

‘YOUNG’ is Heather Lighton’s debut book due to released next month.

Drawn to the notion of beauty, youth and what it’s like to live it, Heather chose 10 girls she knew off the street and social media to feature. Although the girls were chosen purely on physical beauty, an exploration of uniqueness and personality quickly began to arise as some of the core themes. 

While becoming friends and shooting them on the streets of Melbourne, Heather began to learn all their different struggles and ambitions. Labelling them ‘beautiful’ was not enough. Each girl had a unique experience growing up and sense of self, creating multi dimensional experience for the reader and everyone involved. 

Heather has come to be known as a Melbourne fave for her fresh, light style of photography. ‘YOUNG’ will feature a series of photographs along side a Q&A with each girl. 

You can pre order ‘YOUNG’ here

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