Book review: Chefs eat Toasties too

Five stars.

I salivated when I learnt Darren Purchese was releasing a cookbook I could actually use. (Usually, I just flip through the pictures for 20 minutes before ordering takeaway.)

I pledged to expand my Coles tasty cheese repertoire to welcome gruyère and Monterey Jack. Perhaps I’d even buy a loaf of sourdough! I was ready.

That was, until I realised Darren has mostly opted out of two-bread-and-cheese varietals. Instead, Chefs eat Toasties too welcomes a series of curveballs: toasted hazelnut croissants, pork belly bánh mì and somewhat strangely, lamington pain perdu.

Fortunately, there are recipes suited to my skill level (including an amazing dark chocolate, sea salt and olive oil toastie) but mostly it’s pretty pictures and UberEATS for me.

Still, I give it five stars.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 170. You can read it here.

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