Book review: Daphne and Daisy, Pawtraits of Sausage Style

Daphne and Daisy Cover_0


Sausage dogs in sunglasses. Enough said.

Imagine being such a good dog you get to write your own book.

Daphne and Daisy is a collection of adorable pawtraits of two very fashionable dachshunds.

If Cool Dog Group were to write a book, I’d imagine it would be something like this.

The pictorial includes a collection of Daphne and Daisy’s favourite style themes, including flowers, pom poms, shiny things, sunglasses and hats. You know, normal dog stuff.

It also features valuable sartorial advice like “floral booties are an investment piece” and “tinsel is transeasonal”, making it the perfect festive stocking stuffer.

I won’t lie and pretend this book is the next Moby Dick, but if you’re seeking a perfect example of ultimate sausage style, Daphne and Daisy is right on brief.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 174. You can read it here.

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