Book review: Kawaii Cakes

Appealing to your inner Betty Crocker.

I’m not much of a baker but this charming book appealed to my inner Betty Crocker.

Kawaii Cakes is an adorable recipes collection of Japanese-inspired cakes, cookies, cupcakes and treats.

It’s easily the cutest recipe book I’ve ever seen. And while I haven’t read a whole lot of recipe books in my time, you can’t ignore sweets like ‘Unicorn Poop Iced Gem Cookies,’ ‘Lambykins Cookies’ and ‘Sweetheart Cupcakes’.

With step-by-step instructions on piping, filling, icing and decorating, it’s a fun (and full on) introduction into the world of edible art.

While I skimmed past the pages marked ‘difficult’, Kawaii Cakes has enough recipes to warm even the coldest of hearts, like it did mine.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 171. You can read it here.

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