Book review: Made to Last

G’bye throw away culture.

You may have heard your parents lament that in their day, things were made to last. And they were right.

If the disposable nature of today’s world is getting you down, a flick through Made to Last may be enough to lift your spirits.

The curated hardcover profiles artisans who make quality, heirloom products that are crafted to stand the test of time. From leather backpacks to skateboards and bamboo bikes, Made to Last showcases some pretty unique creations.

Included from each maker are DIY projects including how to make your own signature beard oil, hem trouser legs and make reusable food wraps.

There are also tips on caring for your belongings so you can ensure their longevity rather than just buying new ones.

It’s an ideal coffee table companion or gift for those wanting to bid farewell to throwaway culture. 

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 173. You can read it here.

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