Book review: Men of Style

A little unexpected.

While it’s easy to pinpoint key women of style, the jury’s still out with men.

So you’d be forgiven for expecting this to be a compendium of three-piece suits, pocket squares and loafers.

But Men of Style steps beyond the obvious characterisation of masculine style as a well- coordinated suit. Instead it adopts a more accurate definition: a stylish man dresses in his own way, not the way of everyone else.

Those profiled here are a little unexpected.

There are, of course, inclusions like James Dean and Miles Davis, but these sit alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and Bob Marley.

You can expect a newfound knowledge of these men’s style, right down to the finest quirks. For example, did you know Fred Astaire wore his belt buckle to the side?

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 163. You can read it here.

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