Book review: Pidapipó: Gelato Eight Days a Week

Words By Veronica Stanford


The last gelato recipe book I bought was Gelato Messina’s The Recipes.

Two years later, I’m yet to attempt any of its creations. On first inspection, Pidapipó’s recipes seem a little more achievable.

A flick through this thoughtfully put-together books seems promising (so long as you own a gelato maker).

First introducing you to the story of Pidapipó, it then moves through the seasons, with recipes that go beyond just gelato.

You’ll be able to try your hand at chocolate fondant cake, raspberry Bombe Alaska and panettone bread and butter pudding.

And, if all else fails, at least you’ve got nice images to look at.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 175. You can read it here.

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