FJ Book Club: A feminist comedy dripping with honesty and charm

This week we’re reading Better Luck Next Time.

Once a fortnight, a group of FJ readers gather to dissect a new book with unrestrained candour. It’s open to all to join, you simply need to register below and we’ll email you details of that week’s Zoom meet. 

For the next meet, our editors have chosen Kate Hilton’s Better Luck Next Time as their pick, so we can expect some tear-shedding the next time we gather for a Zoom. The tears may be due to pulled heart-strings, eye-watering laughter, or just drops of joy, but it’s all likely with this new read.

The story follows an eventful year for feminist icon Lydia Hennessy, her three daughters and their extended family. While Lydia is a respected leader celebrating the greatest moment of her career, each of her daughters can’t stop self-destructing. 

The book grapples with big midlife struggles, growing up, failure and success, and ultimately explores a new definition of happiness.


Image via Allen & Unwin

Fans of Nora Ephron’s work and lovers of TV series such as Offspring and Parenthood will likely enjoy this one, and we’re hoping this includes you. 

To join the next FJ Book Club meet, fill out your details below and find yourself a copy of Better Luck Next Time here. We’ve scheduled a Zoom session for Thursday July 16 at 6.30pm AEST, when we’ll gather to discuss our thoughts, criticisms and tears.

FJ Book Club will continue every fortnight, with new title announcements dropping every other Monday.

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