Masako Kojima Releases Hello Kitty Nail Art Book

Everybody’s favourite kitty right on your nails

Good news for Hello Kitty fans. The famed Japanese kitty can now live on your nails, as well as clothing accessories, stationary and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Masako Kojima’s new book “Hello Kitty Nail Art: Step-By-Step Instructions for Creating 20 Sanrio-Themed Characters and Patterns” will let you bring your Hello Kitty passion to new a level, as she can now literally flow from your fingertips.

The book features close up shots of the painstakingly cute nails featring variously themed Hello Kitties infront of equally cute backgrounds of blueberries, cupcakes, lollipops and polka dots.

The directions for each nail looks are meticulously detailed, with close up shots and instructions.

It goes without saying that book and the ensuing nails are ridiculously cute.



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