Pure crystal dildos are here for your very *spiritual* friend

Image via Chakrubs

Mind, body and soul.

Apparently, cleansing your chakras with regular crystals has become far too mainstream. There’s a new path to spiritual enlightenment – and it comes in the form of crystal dildos.

Chakrubs is a US-based company that’s leading the healing process down south. It specialises in a range of 100 per cent pure crystal dildos – promising to open your body to healing, love and pleasure.

The phallus-shaped designs arrive in various types of crystal (for different healing properties, of course). There’s rose quartz, amethyst and pure black obsidian to name a few, plus a glazed natural wood range which I have a few questions about.

Prices start at $129 USD, with dildos arriving in all different shapes and sizes. To begin the path to true spiritual enlightenment, head here.


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