Macrame Plant Holder

Nadia Draga shows us how to make a DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

The dream of a vast piece of Aussie soil to call ones own is really just that – a dream – thanks to the crazy hous­ing prices (Gen Y-ers know what I’m talk­ing about).

With no big back­yard on the hori­zon what do you do when you want some green in your small, urban dwelling? The answer is macramé plant hang­ers! And con­sid­er­ing you can make your own for less than $10 – why wouldn’t you deck out your pad with hang­ing suc­cu­lents or herbs?

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Util­ity cord (15m x 3mm thick)
– A pack of split key rings (30mm)
– A good pair of scis­sors
– Matches
– Pot­ted plant


1. Start by cut­ting 8 strips of cord 1.8m in length and an addi­tional 2 strips 30cm long.

2. Thread the 8 strips through the key ring posi­tion­ing them halfway down the length – you’ve now dou­bled your cords to 16.

3. Use one of the 30cm cords to secure every­thing in place with a wrap knot (check out this YouTube tuto­r­ial if you’re unsure how). Trim and singe the excess cord once the knot is secured.

4. Sep­a­rate the cords into 4 groups of 4 and tie a knot in each bunch about 25cm down.

5. Group 2 cords from each bunch and tie another knot about 10cm down.

6. Secure the macramé with a final wrap knot using the remain­ing 30cm cord another 12cm down. Trim and singe the excess to avoid any fray­ing.

7. Trim the dan­gling cords so they are all uni­form.

8. Pop in your pot­ted plant and you’re good to go!

These are not only great to hang out around your own place, but these sim­ple macramé hang­ing pots make great gifts too! Try one out this weekend.




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