Easter just got boozy with gin and tonic-flavoured easter eggs

The Treat Kitchen Gin and Tonic Easter Egg

Images via The Treat Kitchen
Words by Veronica Stanford

Want and need.

The English sure know a thing or two about gin and tonic-flavoured edibles. Not that we’re complaining.

Continuing a trend of boozy foods (read: gin-flavoured cheese), UK-based confectionery maker The Treat Kitchen has gifted the world a gin and tonic Easter egg.

The gourmet egg is made from white chocolate and flavoured with the world’s favourite tipple. It comes on its own, or in a pack alongside G&T-flavoured candies.

If a G&T isn’t your drink of choice, however, an offering of strawberry and prosecco eggs are also available to munch down on.

Unfortunately, these Easter treats are currently only available in the UK, and we’re suitably devo about it. If anyone’s heading over for the royal wedding, bring us back a few?


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