Everything you need to know about the New Moon

Illustration by Twylamae
Words by Rachael Akhidenor

Big centaur energy.

A New Moon is upon us once again.

And this time it’s in Sagittarius, which means a whole lot of adventure, optimism and effervescent energy that comes so naturally to our half-horse-half-human friends.

On November 27, at precisely 3.05am AEDT, the sky will be shrouded in milky darkness as the Moon conjoins the Sun. This is when a New Moon is upon us.

The New Moon marks the end of one moon cycle and the beginning of a fresh one. Moon cycles last 28 days; they are ushered in and out by a New Moon and punctuated by the Full Moon, the time when the sky is at its darkest and lightest. 

Before I wax lyrical about what this means for us, I feel it best to identify why we should even care about this naturally-occurring phenomenon. 

While the modern world often divorces us from the natural world, it’s a well-known, scientifically-established fact that the moon controls the earth’s waters and oceans. So to then believe that we humans, made up of 90 per cent water, are also affected by its pull is not a long bow to draw. 

Plus, it’s hard to deny the concept of cycles and creating rituals around the moon is just plain nice and wholesome. New Moons are symbolic of fresh starts and new beginnings, a time to take pause, reflect and set intentions for what lies ahead. It’s something we ought to do more often. 

The New Moon has long been considered a powerful time. The sky is quite literally wiped clean of its usual light; representing a metaphorical blank canvas upon which we can create, dream and manifest.

And this New Moon brings an intense energy shift, one which brings about adventure, new hope and excitement. We move from the fierce, dark mysteries of Scorpio to the far lighter and brighter sign of Sagittarius. Notorious for its deep yearning to roam and be liberated, it would be no surprise if you feel an urge to wander, move and be free. 

This is not only in respect of the material world. The Sagittarius has a powerful longing to learn and philosophise. So, it would be natural to be drawn to explore your inner and outer worlds during this time. Questions around where you are going and what you are learning are bound to find their way into your psyche. Harness this energy to reflect on the past. Ponder questions around what has and hasn’t been working in the past few months. Then, identify where you are in your life currently. Honestly assess if you are travelling in the direction you want to go.

This is also the perfect time to dream and envision what is possible. On the eve of the New Moon (November 26), it wouldn’t be remiss to make a vision board or put your dreams into words. The cosmic energy around us will be one of fearlessness and hope. Maximise this. Exploit it to help move your life forward in some way.

On the flip side, don’t be alarmed if you are feeling trapped or stuck. The Sagittarius abhors stagnation and feeling contained. Such feelings during this time would only be natural. Remember, everything happens in due course. Beautiful things take time to create, Rome wasn’t built in a day, etc.

The jovial and adventurous Sagittarius energy will likely shine a mirror on the areas of your life where you have perhaps been complacent. Feelings of frustration may arise. The need to continually explore, learn and grow – the desires that are so natural to the Sagittarius – can be quite aggressive for many. Be gentle with yourself. Remember you are doing the best you can. It’s essential to harness this forward-moving energy to benefit you and not to allow it to drive you into a Shame Spiral.

Ultimately, this will be a beautiful time of year. The days are growing longer, the weather is warming, and the optimism and freedom of the centaur will be felt in full force. During this New Moon, maximise this magnanimous shift in energy by giving yourself room to roam, space to breath and the opportunity to dream the impossible into being. 

The potent energy of the Sagittarius is among us.

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