7 Australian fashion designers on where they’re planning their next holiday

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Start packing.

Holidaying is back in a big way. It’s undeniable – Instagram feeds everywhere are inundated with photos of pristine beaches, cobblestoned streets and snow-covered ski runs. And whether you’re getting away locally or heading across the globe for a Euro summer, it’s important to remember that proper planning is key. Nobody wants to waste those precious vacation days on overrated destinations and undercooked food, after all.

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As tastemakers by trade, fashion designers are often experts in curating the perfect escape. Forget money belts, novelty T-shirts and velcro sneakers (although I am partial to the dad-on-vacation aesthetic) – fashion people get away in style. In celebration of the vacay season, seven Australian fashion designers share where they’re planning their next holiday.

Holly Ryan, Founder of Holly Ryan Jewellery


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One of my favourite places to visit is the Cntnr Airbnb in upper Scamander, Tasmania. Positioned on the river with stunning sunset views and the occasional visit from a local seal, the container is incredibly well designed. It has indoor and outdoor fire areas, an outdoor bath and a sunken ’70s-style cherry-red velvet bed. It’s super sexy.

The space is best for a romantic getaway or solo holiday to unwind and reset. It’s a short drive away from Bay of Fires, where you can swim in the kelp forests and climb the orange lichen granite rocks. It’s also close to local rainforest walks and Wineglass Bay, which has a 15km hike with swims along the way. A hot tip from me is Lease 65 for freshly shucked oysters – cash only!


Lani Le Berre, Co-Founder of Orris


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I’m heading away in August to the South of France. I’m going to a small city called Arles in the region of Provence; the same region where all Orris soaps are produced. It’s a very charming city which hosts the oldest photography and art festival in Europe. It’s called Recontres d’Arles and runs from July to September every year. The city has also been made famous by Vincent Van Gogh, who lived in Arles for some time and painted many of his famous works there (Sunflowers, for example).

You can visit the garden courtyard of the hospital where he stayed after cutting off his ear, which still resembles the paintings he made during his stay. From there, you can continue the road trip to the Italian countryside outside Turin (the birthplace of Italian cinema). The region isn’t as well known as Rome or Tuscany, but there’s a lot of history to see and it’s the perfect place to spend a slow summer.


Jade Sarita Arnott, Founder of Arnsdorf

I’m really looking forward to visiting Lisbon in Portugal at some stage. Some friends from New York relocated there during the pandemic and it looks like such a beautiful place. The beaches look incredible and from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s such a picturesque city. I’m excited to travel again for a European summer and discover new places, as well as revisit some of my favourite places in the world – like Greece.

I’m particularly looking forward to getting back to Milos. I love the raw beauty of the Greek Islands; with its pale dusty boulders and sparkling warm ocean. The food is also amazing in Greece. I have such fond memories of my travels there. I’ve felt so nourished and inspired taking in all the natural exquisite beauty of that environment.


Emma Cutri, Co-founder of Sister Studios


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I’m so ready for my next vacation! I’m heading off to Greece with my best friend next week. We’re meeting some pals in Hydra and staying in a beautiful big house. I can’t wait to cook and chill by the ocean. We’re then going to another couple of nearby islands for some much-needed sun and rest by the water.


Anna Fahey, Co-founder and Director of Baina


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I’m heading to Ponza, Italy. We’re returning to Italy this summer after being landlocked for the last two years, and the highlight destination will be Ponza. It’s the largest of the Pontine Islands. Ponza is where the Romans escape for long weekends over summer. The cuisine, like anywhere in Italy, is amazing and simple, but being a fishing port the seafood is particularly special.

The island lacks beaches, which is all part of the charm. The idea is that you head down to the shore, pick up a six-pack of Peroni, some fresh tomato and mozzarella sandwiches and set off in an inflatable motorised boat. The island can be circumnavigated by boat and is 22km in perimeter, abundant with idyllic coves and endless turquoise waters.


Jillian Boustred, Founder of Jillian Boustred


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The holiday has already happened but I’d absolutely do it again. I was fortunate enough to spend a month travelling recently, which was amazing after two years of pandemic life. My sister has been living in London, so that was my first stop. I had an amazing few days catching up with her and getting a sneak peek into her London life!

After that, we travelled to Portugal, where our first stop was Porto. We hired a car and drove around Portugal for 12 days. It was amazing, I’d highly recommend travelling somewhere where you can hire a car a explore for a week or two (this avoids the airport hysteria and gives you a chance to really see the country!).

After exploring the Portuguese coastline, we had a few nights in Lisbon. We happened to be there the same weekend as their annual Sardine Festival, which was wild. There were so many street parties. From Lisbon, we flew onto Marrakesh. It was a bit of a culture shock but so interesting, exciting and different. We had four nights in a beautiful riad (a Moroccan style of home with a pool in the centre) and spent our days exploring, including a day trip to the Atlas mountains.

Marrakesh is an amazing hybrid of Arabic, Berber and European culture. If I went back, I’d probably do more of Morocco and explore a few of the other cities and areas. The Atlas mountains are really stunning so I would love to revisit them.


Courtney Holm, Founder and Director of A.BCH


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I don’t currently have any holiday plans because I just got back from one, and it was just what I needed; 10 days in Italy, a few days in London and a week in country UK for long overdue family reunions. We arrived in London for just a few days, time enough to trawl the amazing thrift stores, see Hamilton in West End and enjoy excellent Indian food. Next was Sicily, highlights included a lot of relaxation in the sun, cooking with incredible local produce like tomatoes and raw seafood while diving into the Med whenever possible (my sisters and I were lucky enough to be staying a few steps away from the water).

Sardinia was equally as beautiful, if not more pristine but a little more touristy. I highly recommend La Maddalena for anyone keen on a romantic getaway. Devon and Salisbury were lovely places to spend time visiting pubs and outdoor walking trails with family while Brighton rounded off the trip with more family time and icy swims in the sea. What’s next? A little weekend trip up to QLD to escape the Melbourne cold!


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