Four Pillars is mixing gin with shiraz on purpose

Words by Christina Karras

Bloody Shiraz gin.


Everyone knows the cardinal rule of partying is don’t mix your drinks.

But the alchemists at Four Pillars have decided to manufacture what might be your new drink of choice, and it combines two of our favourite beverages.

By steeping Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes in Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, the gin company brings you its very own concoction: Bloody Shiraz Gin.

It features the familiar fruity notes we know and love from a shiraz vintage wine but with a balanced gin flavour.

Meanwhile, the gin presents hints of pine forest, white pepper, red berries and spices. Feel free to take mental notes so you can show off your highly sophisticated palate at the next dinner party you attend.

If it sounds like the best of both worlds, you can check out the full list of Four Pillars bloody gin cocktails here and purchase them here.

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