What to gift that friend who’s hard to buy for 


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For when you’re short on ideas.

Everybody likes getting gifts. We’re only human, after all, and knowing somebody put thought and effort into picking out something they think you’ll like tends to bring on the warm fuzzies. 

On the flip side, giving gifts and eliciting that response in the people we love can be a real rush. Unless, of course, there’s that one person on your list that’s just impossible to buy for.

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Some people are picky, some people aren’t particularly open about their interests and some people have highbrow tastes outside of your budget. Whatever the reason, sometimes buying gifts for even your own friends can be a stress-inducing challenge. 

With the help of Australian Gourmet Gifts – the home of luxury, locally-sourced hampers for any occasion – we’ve pulled together some gift ideas for even the pickiest of your friends. Covering everything from birthdays to engagement parties, we’re here to help take the stress out of gift-giving all year ’round. 


Wine Indulgence Hamper 

Any friend who enjoys a drink will be happy to receive a box of sips and snacks like this (unless they’re a beer drinker, but there’s a hamper for that, too). Two bottles of wine gives them options to suit their mood, while savoury and sweet treats mean they can really indulge. If you’re close, why not plan a night of drinking and snacking together, throwing in the bonus gift of quality time. 

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It’s a classic, yes, but there’s a reason for that. Flower deliveries are a great gift for friends that live far away, as well as friends who aren’t big on receiving material goods they don’t need. A sweet-smelling delivery with a personalised note is a lovely way of telling your friend, “I’m thinking of you.” Choosing a service whose vibe matches the recipient, and maybe an arrangement that comes in a vase they can keep, adds some extra thoughtful oomph to the gift. 

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This idea does assume your friend owns a record player (or at least enjoys displaying records as decor), but if they do it’s a winner. Either ask the staff at your local record store for recommendations based on your friend’s taste, or be super sentimental and get them one of your own favourite albums as a sharing and bonding exercise. 


Moet Extravagance Hamper

Few things are worth celebrating more enthusiastically than an impending marriage. Treat your recently engaged friends to a bottle of champagne – the official drink of celebrations everywhere – and some truly delicious local snacks to feed to each other lovingly. With everything from mini cookies to fresh honey to a wooden cheese board, this is a luxury way to say “Hey, congrats”. 

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Matching robes 

Set your friends up for cute wedded bliss by buying them matching robes to wear around the house together. A good, comfortable robe to throw on in the morning or after a shower is a simple luxury that goes underappreciated, and giving the soon-to-be-weds in your life something sweet to share is thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. Go for something lightweight and easy, like Kip & Co’s Waffle Bath Robes. 


Premium Beer & Wine Hamper

If you’re gifting for multiple people living their new home fantasy, you can’t go wrong with stocking their cupboards, and their fridge. This particular hamper includes two bottles of wine and five cans of beer, offering a little bit of something for everyone. Even if they don’t have a dining room table yet, they’ll at least have olives and cookies. 

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Statement homewares

Sure, homewares are the quintessential housewarming gift, but you can do better than a boring old candle. Browse Makers’ Mrkt and let the huge selection of artsy, sculptural and wacky homewares speak to you. Go bold and decorative with something like a Kathleen Campone candelabra, or a standout practical piece like Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s colourful glassware.

Art prints

Like fun homewares, art prints are a great way to brighten up a new home, and not having to buy them all yourself is a real treat. If your friend is an Instagram devotee, scroll through the accounts they’re following to see if they’re lusting after any particular artists. If you’re nervous about buying a piece of art before even seeing the new digs, you have our permission to draft up an ‘IOU one print that matches your interior design vibe’ card. 


Sparkling Christmas Hamper

Christmas is still a while away, but it’s never too early to start planning. Christmas hampers are a long-standing tradition, but they can be a little stuffy or underwhelming. A jam-packed, seasonal hamper like this – filled with shiraz, sparkling wine, Christmas pudding, local snacks and more – is about as luxe as it gets. Plus, they won’t have to worry about what to eat on Boxing Day. 

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Vouchers get a bad rap sometimes for being a little impersonal, but they don’t have to be. Buying the right voucher from the right place says, “I know enough about you to know where you like to shop, but I respect your right to make your own buying decisions.”

The key is in what kind of voucher you get. If they like luxury fashion, get them a voucher to an online luxury retailer. If they like trawling through op shops, get them a voucher to their favourite chain. If they love books or movies or music – you get the drill. 

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